Ideal flatmates

Happy to live with anyone




My name Sade.

I am very quiet l, clean and polite in the home.

Enjoy making friends and having a social when the time is correct. I’m great T cooking meals so that could be a good time to enjoy a movie together.

I enjoy making things so we could do that together. I must add I love bingo at home (fav)

Other than that I read a lot of newspapers stay up to date with the news. Magazines, listen to music ( mainly radio feel free to ask for the level to be adjusted as I understand studies and other things may be apparent although I do insist to keep it at a reaasonable level. I do go out to the town a lot so, that I’m not indoors mostly)

Lovely to speak freely and openly about anything

That’s it for now and all the best for the future


Listing ID: L24040213441931

Posted on 2 April 2024