Ideal flatmates

Happy to live with anyone


Hi there,

My name is Jordan. 😊

I am a carpenter currently based in Coventry by Warwick University.

I used to live in New Zealand where I was working on the Christchurch rebuild and spent 2 and a half years out there, but sadly have had to come home to help family look after my 93 year old gran.

My intentions are (all being well) to go back out there next year, but that dependant on there boarders and covid situation.

My mum has said that it’s got to expensive now to keep gran here.. so the family has taken the decision to put gran in a care home. This means that I have to move sadly.

I am a clean, and quiet guy.. like my space.. but also like a laugh to socially and don’t mind the social beer. Not a big drinker at all.. couple of pints if your lucky lol. Used to be when I was younger but yeah done that got the t shirt.

I cook, do a nice crumble, bacon and potato hot pot.. and curry. I live a Sunday roast.. and don’t spare the Yorkshire 😆.

I like sports.. used to play ice hockey and roller hockey in the winter and Rugby League and Aussie rules in the summer with a gym boot camp to suit.

So yeah active is an understatement. I have now slowed down a bit due to my age.. but still go to the gym when I can.. and have taken up timber sports which yeah can explain later.. it’s an Aussie thing.

Annnnnyway.. that’s a little bit about me.

I am looking for a six month agreement for now.. but if my situation changes I will talk further and see about that being extended.

I am open to paying the six months upfront or a bond plus a months rent and do things weekly. Up to you.

Weekly works better for me but we can discuss that if we meet.

I don’t smoke, do drugs or anything like that.. can’t stand that sort of thing and my body won’t take it. So that’s a good thing.

Don’t mind dogs.. if they are social.. and used to be a cat owner.. love them. Have no issues caring for pets if I am about.

Due to the nature of my work.. it some times means I work away.. though I am trying to rain that in.. obviously if you have plans then I will inform you.

Out side of this yeah will try to stay local.

Um.. yeah that’s about it for me.. quiet, but social guy, like a social beer and chatting/ having a laugh.. and handy guy to have about the house for carpentry works 😉👍🏻 ( not to much Reno works, like a weekend or two😆)

Hope to meet soon.

Kind regards

Jordan Eastern.

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Posted on 26 July 2022